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Design and Consulting


The design of fire protection systems is a multi-step process beginning with an assessment of the environment to be protected. Factors both internal and external to the environment are considered. This information is used to establish performance objectives for the fire protection system being designed.

Our experienced Engineering Department conducts detailed studies to determine the optimum approach to providing the correct system application that will cost-effectively meet the specific needs of our clients.

We begin with a site survey of the facility then provide the client with appropriate alternatives based on an assessment of the fire protection and life safety needs. We will often consult with the client's insurance company and the local fire department for their input during the decision making process. Once a decision is made on the specific type of system required, we assign a primary engineer to the project who then develops the appropriate engineering design.

Our CAD design services include:

  • Fire sprinkler design drawings with as much detail as required and then some.
  • All designs are based on the latest NFPA codes. All schematic CAD drawings include underground fire supply, riser details with location within structure, main and branch line locations, sprinkler head type and location.
  • Bid drawings can also include back-up specifications, water analysis, and hydraulic calculations.
  • Fire sprinkler fabrication / installation / coordination drawings include all compliments listed above including computer generated shop drawings, hydraulic calculations and material submittals.
  • Fire Pump and/or Ground Storage Tank installation drawings with all associated piping and equipment.
  • Special hazard suppression system fabrication / installation drawings.


With over 32 years of combined experience, CJ Suppression, Inc. offers consulting services to industrial and commercial facilities. We assist building owners, architects, contractors and real estate management firms. We provide engineering services, including code consulting, development of sprinkler system specifications, sprinkler systems calculations, development of technical opinion reports as required by the fire marshal, assistance with permitting, high pile storage plans, and negotiations.

A Fire Protection Consultant provides value to projects by acting as a bridge between multiple engineering disciplines. As projects become more complex and involve highly automated systems including integrated building control systems, fire protection issues are raised that need professional solutions. A Fire Protection Consultant is a specialist with the ability to help a project architect or team leader to coordinate design issues.

  • A Fire Protection Consultant can result in a significant decrease in the cost of construction due to the discovery of unintended consequences of a design.
  • Our consultants act on behalf of the public and the owner.
  • We can assist the owner with obtaining a high quality of work from subcontractors.
  • We can negotiate and work through problems with Insurance Underwriting Requirements.
  • Our consultants work with the local authority having jurisdiction to provide custom solutions to fire protection situations not adequately covered by codes or standards.
  • Our consultants do not have financial incentive to over specify or sell products to their clients.
  • High Pile Storage / Applications / Permits

Design Build

We provide Design Build Capabilities.

Preconstruction Design

We provide preconstruction design qualifying system design requirements for the proposed occupancy to produce bid drawings for quoting.

High Piled Storage Permits

We provide design for high piled storage permits for distributing and storage facilities storing product 12'-0" above the finish floor and high hazard storage arrays.

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