Why Fire Sprinklers Are Important

fire sprinklers corona caWhen talking about fire suppressants at home, what’s the first thing you think about? Water, yes. Though, in modern times, people have come to rely on fire extinguishers as they’re lighter, easier to carry and generally more efficient. Unless, of course, the fire has become too big to the point that water blasting through the hoses of firemen are the only remaining option.

Before the fire becomes too big, however, fire extinguishers aren’t exactly the most efficient way to kill fire. No, fire sprinklers are.

The Problem With Accidental Fires

The most dangerous thing about fire is not its heat, nor is it the flames. Rather, it’s the toxic fumes and smoke that the fire produces. The smoke makes it hard to see and difficult to breathe, while the toxic fumes deliver a knock-out that could literally kill you before the fire has any chance of getting close to you.

Given how fire spreads so quickly and how being caught in one already makes for an extremely stressful situation, thinking about killing the fire with a fire extinguisher isn’t exactly easy. There’s a huge chance that the first thing you’d want to do is get out of the house. Though, even if you do manage to get to the fire extinguisher, what happens if the flame is already too big, or that the smoke is already too thick for you to see where you’re going?

Here’s where fire sprinklers come in.

When installed properly and routinely checked to make sure that they’re working, fire sprinklers can, in worse case scenarios, give you and your family as much as 10 minutes of cool, clean air to safely escape from your home.

10 minutes is more than enough time for you and everyone inside to vacate the house.

Added Property Value and Protection 

In case of a house fire, the lack of sprinklers means that there’s nothing you can do to minimize the damage. With fire sprinkler systems, however, you have a means of controlling the flame. While fire sprinklers aren’t usually enough to kill huge fires, fire sprinklers are often able to contain the fire enough to keep the damage to your home at a minimum.

This, and the fact that residential fire sprinkler systems can be made so that the fire department is called immediately if the sprinklers are triggered means that the fire will be taken care of as soon as the firefighters arrive.

Of course, the added cost of having fire sprinklers installed and maintained isn’t exactly cheap. Though, you’d be glad to know that the installation of fire sprinklers does add value to your home. Your home should be valued much higher, and insurance premiums should be cheaper as most insurance companies are fully aware that it is cheaper to cover the damage of a burnt kitchen than it is to cover the expenses of a house burnt down to the ground.

There are also plenty of other advantages that any homeowner can enjoy if they choose to have a residential fire sprinkler system is installed.

Still, the fact that you, your family, as well as your investment, is well protected is the most important factor. The rest, such as cheaper insurance premiums, and so on, are just icing on the cake.

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