4 Fire Sprinkler Myths Busted

fire sprinkler

Fire sprinkler systems have sustained an enviable record for protecting life and property for over 100 years now. However, there are still some common misunderstandings regarding the operation and effectiveness of fire sprinklers systems. To help clear up some of the confusion, I’ve complied a list of 4 common fire sprinkler myths.

Myth #1: Water damaged from a fire sprinkler system is more extensive than fire damage.

Fact: Water damaged caused by a fire sprinkler system will be less extensive than damaged caused by water from a fire hose line or smoke and fire damage is the ability for the fire being able to spread. Fire sprinklers release around 8-25 gallons per minute, while 80-125 gallons of water discharge from a fire hose per minute.

Myth #2: When a fire occurs, every single fire sprinkler head activates.

Fact: Despite all of the images you’ve likely seen in movies and on television, where a flame hits a single sprinkler head and all the fire sprinkles go off, creating chaos, fire sprinklers actually don’t work that way. In fact, fire sprinkler heads act independently and water is only released closest to the fire. Sprinkler heads that are exposed to their rated temperature will be the only heads activated during a fire.

Myth #3: Fire sprinklers are only designed to protect property and aren’t effective for life safety.

Fact: Fire sprinklers provide a great amount of life safety. In fact, statistics have shown that there’s never been any multiple loss of life in a building that has a full sprinkler system. Property losses are actually 85% less in homes with fire sprinklers than those without sprinkler systems. Combining automatic sprinklers and early warning systems in buildings and residences can reduce overall injuries, loss of life and property damage by 50%.

Myth #4: Smoke detectors provide enough protection.

Fact: Having smoke and fire detectors are a vital part of fire protection, but they shouldn’t be your sole form of fire protection. Fire alarms are meant to serve as a warming sign that a fire has been detected and you should get to safety. They don’t minimize or help control a fire and its damage. Fire sprinklers are more reliable method of fire safety.

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