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Mythbusters: Fire Safety Edition | Corona, CA

When you live in California, dealing with a fire season is something we are all familiar with. And now that we are smack dab in the middle of wildfire season, it is important that we are prepared for any type of fire that may arise during these hotter months. Preparation is necessary, but it’s critical that you know the truth regarding fire safety. The following includes a list of five common fire safety myths:

Myth #1: A smoke detector provides enough protection.

Fact: Having smoke alarms can be a vital part of fire safety, but they shouldn’t be your sole form of protection. They don’t put out the fire and if not regularly checked, smoke alarms may also fail to work.

Myth #2: You can control and put out a small fire on your own.

Fact: Many damaging fires start with a small accident. No matter how big or small the flames are, be sure to follow any fire safety instructions you have set in your home or workplace.

Myth #3: Fire sprinklers systems will freeze during winter.

Fact: Rest assured that proper procedures are put into place during a fire sprinkler installation process to keep it from freezing, regardless of the temperature.

Myth #4: People always panic during a fire.

Fact: Having a fire suppression system and emergency fire safety plan in place can help keep people level-headed.

Myth #5: Newer buildings are safer that older buildings.

Fact: Any fire, regardless of the age of your home or building, can be dangerous and potentially life threatening. Choose a fire suppression system to make your home or building as safe as possible.

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Maintenance & Testing | Fire Protection Services

fire sprinklerFire suppression is a science – from the choice of materials, to the placement of the suppression system, it takes a significant amount of education and experience to properly design and implement a suppression system capable of meeting its designed purpose. However, design and implementation are just two of the three components of a successful fire suppression system – just as important is the third phase, maintenance.

Proper fire suppression maintenance is vital – the company that designed and implemented the suppression system likely set a maintenance schedule that included hardware inspection, routine replacement of some components, and testing. It’s important that all three of those schedules are followed – so important, in fact, that it’s often required by law or local fire codes, even if inconvenient. For example, in Colorado, the Colorado Department of Transportation will close a tunnel along I-70 two nights in November 2015 to test their fire suppression system – using heat detection to trigger a water system and activate cameras. Proper testing will confirm all three aspects of the system – not only will it determine if the heat detection is as accurate as intended, and that it functions properly once installed, but the test will confirm that the water suppression is accurately triggered, and that the monitoring cameras properly activate to allow personnel to assess the nature of the fire.

If you have a building, assets, and people to protect, having a proper suppression system is step 1 – it will not only protect that which is important to you, but will also allow you to comply with relevant codes. A competent designer and installer of your system will be able to create maintenance and testing plans – if your vendor does not offer a maintenance and testing plans, be sure to consider other vendors, as all reputable vendors will have a maintenance and testing plans available.

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