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Prepare for a Malfunction | Corona, CA

fire sprinklersWe all assume that if we have fire protection, it will work when the time comes to use it. Whether it be something simple like a fire extinguisher or as elaborate as a customized fire suppression system, these tools are things we need to rely on when a fire breaks out. If it doesn’t, the result can be a disaster.

It’s important to note that simply installing a suppression system is only one step in staying safe. Fire suppression systems are often complex pieces of engineering, and they require care, testing, and maintenance in order to remain functional.

The type of system installed, and the nature of the building it is protecting, will determine how often it must be inspected, how often it should be tested, and what type of labor will be required on the system over time. A skilled system designer, such as CJ Suppression, will not only design the system, but can also assist you in establishing and meeting the maintenance and inspection requirements in order to keep your system functioning properly so that if a fire were to occur, lives and property can be saved.

The exact maintenance regime needed depends on the suppression system and use case. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) has guidelines not only for the types of systems that should be used in various settings, but also for the ongoing maintenance of those systems for proper compliance and safety purposes.

To ensure their reliability, fire systems must be inspected, tested and maintained. CJ Suppression Services’ qualified and experienced staff stands ready to provide fire protection service and maintenance that will keep your fire protection systems reliable and code compliant.

For more information about fire suppression maintenance, call CJ Suppression at 888-821-2334 or visit the website at www.cjsuppression.com.

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Modern Homes are Burning Eight Times Faster

First responders report that fires recently are burning hotter and faster, likely due to the increase in synthetic furniture and home decor.

Synthetic furniture and decor have been popular because they are cheaper than natural ones. However, most synthetics are made of petroleum (like gasoline), which could result in your house going up in flames in minutes. When synthetics burn, the chemicals released can replace oxygen in the body within two to three minutes of exposure, choking out anyone nearby.

An experiment tested the burn time of two rooms, one furnished with synthetic furniture and the other with natural materials, and demonstrated the difference between synthetic and natural materials.

The room with synthetic furnishings was full of flames and smoke within minutes. Flashover, or floor-to-ceiling flames, occurred as quickly as three minutes and forty seconds. On the other hand, the room with natural furnishings took almost half an hour before flashover. The company that conducted the experiment concluded that modern home fires burn eight times faster.

As a result, firefighters are under more pressure and in more danger than ever before, not only from the greater intensity of the flames but also from the chemicals released when synthetics are burned. In fact, cancer has recently overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death of firefighters. The exposure to these chemicals affects not only firefighters but homeowners and others in the building when the synthetics are burned.

Some tips to protect your home and the people inside it in case of a fire include:

  • Avoid open concept homes and close doors when possible. In the case of a fire, a closed door between you and the fire can keep temperatures down and provide more than double the oxygen to breathe compared to if the door was open.
  • Make sure your fire protection systems are up-to-date and fully functional. For inspections, maintenance and repairs of your fire protection systems, contact CJ Suppression at (951) 735-5560 for a free quote.
  • Create an escape plan for your home and ensure that all members of your family are well-versed in what to do in the case of an emergency.

Why You Should Have Your Kitchen Hood Inspected Regularly | Corona, CA

Accidental firesIf you manage or own a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you know that things can get hectic balancing all your “hats”. Setting up your annual inspection may be on the back burner of your list of things to do for your restaurant, but you should ensure that it is inspected by a licensed company at a frequency set by industry standards depending on the natural of your commercial kitchen. As a reminder, here are the frequencies for having your kitchen hood inspected, as set by the:

  • Agencies or businesses that operate on a 24-hour basis or prepare high volumes of food should have their kitchen hood inspections performed quarterly.
  • Businesses such as sit-down restaurants that prepare food at moderate levels should have kitchen hood inspections performed twice a year.
  • Organizations such as churches that cook small volumes of food or operate only occasionally only need kitchen hood inspections performed once a year.

According to National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 96 (the standards set for kitchen hoods), every commercial kitchen has an industry standard for how often they should schedule the inspection to ensure their facility is up to code. To make sure your kitchen hood passes the grease inspections, make sure you clean it regularly. Grease fires can be dangerous—they flare up fast, the fuel source (grease) is liquid and can easily splash and spread, and they can’t be controlled with water.

If you would like to learn more about kitchen hood inspections, contact CJ Suppression Inc. at 888-821-2334 or visit www.cjsuppression.com for additional information.

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Maintaining Your Fire Protection Service |


Facility executives can improve the fire safety of buildings by understanding both how and why individual systems work, and how and why systems work together.

“The most important thing to help improve fire safety is to understand how all the systems in a building work: The alarms, the means of egress and passive building systems like fire doors and walls and dampers,” says Chris Jelenewicz, engineering program manager for the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. “Facility executives must understand how they operate. All of the systems have a common goal and that is to protect people and property. They work together as one integrated life system. Like a band, they all do different things, but they play to the same beat. If the systems don’t work together, they could actually make matters worse.”

Of course, facility executives should make sure that the systems are working properly in the first place. Individual schedules and checklists for maintaining and servicing these critical systems for each building should be developed and implemented.

Make sure you keep your fire protection well maintained in your area by getting scheduled maintenance inspections. There are many ways in which they could go wrong and so keeping up with a scheduled maintenance plan could greatly improve your system’s durability and longevity.

For more information on the importance of maintaining a fire suppression system, call CJ Suppression in Corona, CA at 888-821-2334 or visit www.cjsuppression.com.

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Fire sprinklers and alarm save Hotel and Guests | Corona, CA

A fire broke out at a Holiday Inn Express in Lebec, CA. When firefighters arrived smoked was seen in the first floor windows and called for additional fire crews. The hotel was evacuated.

The fire was started in the hotel laundry room and was determined to be a dryer fire. Thanks to the fire sprinklers in the hotel the fire was contained to only the laundry room. The two fire sprinklers kept the fire from spreading. There were no reports of injuries to either hotel guests or firefighters. The fire alarm system alerted all hotel guests of the fire allowing them to evacuate to safety.

Another business was saved with the help of a proper fire sprinkler system and alarm. Call CJ Suppression in Corona, CA today 888-821-2334, for information on installing a fire sprinkler system in your business. Or if you already have a fire sprinkler system, CJ Suppression can inspect your system and maintenance it. A fire sprinkler system is no good if it is not working properly. Also visit their website at www.cjsuppression.com.


Fire Sprinklers – Essential for new Home

For a few people, when building a new home, a fire sprinkler system is not a seen as a fundamental part of the new home. However, installing a fire sprinkler system can save the life of your family as well as reduce damages and costs caused by a fire. Even if smoke detectors are installed, they can take up to 2 minutes to activate. During this time, the fire can grow blocking off exit routes and smoke can enter your system, making it difficult to properly escape the affected area. Deputy Fire Marshal Jonathan Leonard states that a family should evacuate a fire in about four minutes and concludes that the window people have to escape a fire has reduced from twenty minutes in the past twenty years since today we have less solid wood furniture and more plastic and foam materials that burn faster. At a child safety conference, a fire sprinkler exhibit was displayed to showcase the importance of installing a sprinkler system. The experiment consisted of a room with a sprinkler system installed and a room without a sprinkler system. Both were then set on fire to demonstrate which room sustained less damage. The room with no sprinkler system installed quickly reduced to ash and smoke, while the room with a sprinkler system installed remained practically undamaged.  Having a sprinkler system installed in your home or business should not be a luxury; it should be a necessity since it can potentially save lives.

Information taken from: http://www.wbtv.com/story/15995009/simple-tool-is-like-having-firefighter-in-your-home