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Met’s administrative office saved by Fire Suppression System | Corona, CA

fire suppression

The Met’s administrative office damaged due to fire. The fire erupted in the morning on the fourth floor of the stadium’s office complex. The fire was contained by the office’s sprinkler system and later fully extinguished by firefighters.

The fire caused minor damage and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Fire sprinklers saved the beloved Met’s field and can do the same for your home or business. Contact CJ Suppression in Corona, CA to have a fire suppression system installed. Call for a free estimate 888-821-2334 or www.cjsuppression.com.

Fire sprinklers Save Fraternity House | Corona, CA

A fire erupted at a Dartmouth College fraternity house early in the morning. The fire started in a trash can in the bathroom. The fire reached up the wall and covered the ceiling. The buildings fire sprinklers helped to keep the fire from spreading until fire officials arrived on the scene. The fire was quickly extinguished by fire fighters and there was only minor damage.

According to the fire captain the fire appeared to be accidental, however they are still investigating the fire.

The fire sprinklers installed this house kept the fire from spreading and prevented anyone from getting hurt. Is your home or business equipped with a fire suppression system?

Call CJ Suppression today to have a fire suppression system installed in your home or business, 888-821-2334. Visit their website at www.cjsuppression.com.

Fire Sprinkler Systems – California

CJ Suppression works in accordance with all rules and regulations for all projects designed and installed.  The following are the different types of fire suppression systems that we install and service.

• Fire Sprinkler Systems
• Dry/Chemical Systems
• Preaction Sprinkler System (Single/Double Interlocked)
• ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) sprinkler systems
• Rack Storage Systems
• Roof and Ground Storage Tank Installations
• Underground Fire Lines
• Special Hazard Systems
• Centrifugal and Vertical Fire Pump Installations and Upgrades

CJ Suppression is proud to offer its customers the highest quality in tools and equipment to do any project right the first time. Serving southern California including: San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, Chino, Ontario, Irvine, Temecula, Anaheim, Rancho Cucamonga, Mira Loma, Moreno Valley, Perris, and Fontana.

Fire Pump Inspections California

Fire pump inspections in California and Arizona are typically performed annually and more frequent depending on the Authority Having Jurisdiction or insurance carrier.

Per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25 California Edition codebook, all fire protection systems are required to be inspected and certified. Our trained technicians perform all required inspections and testing to ensure your fire protection system is fully operational. Documentation of the inspection is submitted to you and the local Jurisdiction.

Contact us Today at (888) 821-2334 to schedule your fire protection system inspection.