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Fire Sprinklers in the Home? Find Out Why | Corona, CA

When we think of fire sprinklers, we generally don’t assimilate it with our home. Thought of as something that is designed for businesses and factories, fire sprinklers aren’t a concern for many homeowners. But should they be? Let’s take a look at their advantages – you may reconsider your decision:

Can’t stop the blaze. As smart as smoke alarms are these days, they can’t extinguish fire. Sprinklers do and continue to do so as you and your family run for safety. Also, by stopping the fire as soon as it starts, sprinklers can prevent, or at least reduce, the amount of property damage.

Not activated by smoke. Your fire alarm going off because of burned toast and a snuffed candle certainly can be annoying. With sprinklers, you don’t have to worry about that because they are activated via heat, not smoke.

Instant help. Sprinklers will activate within a minute – a whole lot less time than it takes for your local firefighters to get to your home. Also, sprinklers can help slow down the fire and minimize the damage done until the firefighters arrive to completely douse the fire.

Cost-effective. Firefighters use an average of 2,935 gallons to extinguish your regular residential fire. That’s many times more than the 341 gallons of water used by sprinklers on average.

Insurance-friendly. Your insurance provider may lower your premiums thanks to your sprinkler system. Be sure to contact your home insurance provider to know if this applies to you.

The costs of having sprinklers installed far outweigh the costs of losing a huge part of your house. In some cases, families lose their entire homes because of residential fires. Don’t let that happen to your family by having sprinklers installed.

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CJ Suppression: For all Your Fire Suppression Needs | Corona, CA

fire extinguisher trainingHere at CJ Suppression, we offer a multitude of fire protection services that fit all your fire needs. We are dedicated to supplying top notch service and providing our customers with quality end results. How can we help you with fire safety? Here’s a list of services we provide:

Inspections/certifications. Per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25 California Edition codebook, all fire protection systems are required to be inspected and certified. Our trained technicians perform all required inspections.

Title 19 (5-year Inspection). This procedure inspects all components of your fire protection system and is performed every five years.

Backflow. Testing and certification is required annually in most jurisdictions.

Flow tests. The most popular reasons for hydrant flow testing is for system inspection/certification or water flow requirements being obtained for system hydraulic calculation design.

Kitchen hoods. We perform installation, inspection, testing, certification and cleaning of kitchen hoods per NFPA codes requirements.

Maintenance. Maintaining of all fire protection systems is key to ensure proper operation during a fire event. We can provide a structured maintenance program with automatic scheduling within our in-house database, so you don’t have to worry about scheduled maintenance or surprise fire department inspections.

Repairs. We provide repair service of any type of fire protection system from underground fire line to overhead wet, dry or special hazard systems.

24-hr emergency service. Our on-call staff can facilitate support for any type of emergency around the clock.

Employee training. We provide education and training sessions of all types of fire protection systems to employees and or management.

For more information about fire safety, call CJ Suppression at 888-821-2334 or visit the website at www.cjsuppression.com.

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Corona Fire Update: Residents Thank the Firefighters | Corona, CA


By BEATRIZ E. VALENZUELA | bvalenzuela@scng.com

PUBLISHED: September 27, 2017 at 6:30 am | UPDATED: September 28, 2017 at 7:08 am

As the Canyon fire came racing toward Corona homes Monday night, winds whipping up 50-foot towers of flames, ash and embers raining down on residential streets, the situation looked dire.

“I didn’t think I would see our home again,” said 88-year-old Carmen Sarmiento.

But thanks to the work of more than 1,900 firefighters from across the region, only three homes were damaged and none were destroyed, officials say.

An evacuation order covering about 600 threatened homes was lifted Wednesday morning and the Corona-Norco district announced in the afternoon that all schools will be in session Thursday. As residents began to return to the neighborhoods, waving to and even hugging firefighters, the overwhelming sentiment was gratitude.

“They are our angels,” said Sarmiento, who walked up San Ramon Drive with her son, Manuel Sarmiento, to thank the firefighters. “Our guardian angels.”

She hugged one of the firefighters who was standing on a sidewalk greeting the returning evacuees.

“They did so much,” Sarmiento said. “Angels.”

As of Wednesday evening, the fire remained at 2,000 acres, or just over 3 square miles, and was 35 percent contained, said Capt. Larry Kurtz with the Orange County Fire Authority. The size hasn’t grown since Monday night, while containment more than doubled from Tuesday night. He said firefighters had most of the northern edge of the fire contained and were now focusing on the southern edge, away from the freeway, where the flames pushed into the Cleveland National Forest.

“We’re building lines as we go,” he said.

Although the fire has not gotten any larger, Kurtz said they are not claiming full containment until a physical line – some sort of break that will keep the flames from spreading – has been built all around the fire. Kurtz said fire officials will still be patrolling the neighborhoods south of Green River Road/Foothill Parkway where evacuations had been in place, “Just to be on the safe side.”

When the evacuation was lifted about 10 a.m. Wednesday, a few residents came home to find damage, others saw the evidence of frighteningly close calls and still others were relieved to find their property unscathed.

Carson Richert was still in shock from his first brief visit home Tuesday, when he discovered a hole in his ceiling and insulation all over the floor. Fire officials say an ember likely entered his attic and started a fire. While the structural damage was daunting, none of his personal belongings were destroyed.

When Sandra Raynolds saw the fire cresting a hill Monday night, she grabbed her little dog, Chuy, her credit cards and her checkbook.

“It was so scary,” she said.

On Wednesday, she saw the flames had charred vegetation a few feet from her rear patio.

“It’s incredible what they did,” said of the firefighters who saved her neighborhood.

She and her sister, Maria Johnson, both gave hugs to Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Steve Concialdi. Johnson said she didn’t expect to see her home still standing.

“It’s an amazing job they did,” said Johnson, who moved in four years ago with her husband and her sister. Their San Ramon Drive house was recently remodeled.

“Thank you. Thank you for risking your lives. We’re very grateful for your work,” Johnson said.

A U.S. Forest Service map outlines where the Canyon fire has burned in the foothills of eastern Orange County and western Riverside County as of Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017. The eastern edge of the fire got just over Coal Canyon Truck Trail; the western edge reached residential streets in Corona; the northern edge stayed below the 91 Freeway and the southern flank pushed into the Cleveland National Forest.

A U.S. Forest Service map outlines where the Canyon fire has burned in the foothills of eastern Orange County and western Riverside County as of Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017. The eastern edge of the fire got just over Coal Canyon Truck Trail; the western edge reached residential streets in Corona; the northern edge stayed below the 91 Freeway and the southern flank pushed into the Cleveland National Forest.

The Canyon fire started Monday afternoon off the eastbound 91 Freeway near the Orange-Riverside county line, just within the eastern limit of Anaheim. The cause is still under investigation.

A communications site that’s part of Riverside County’s public safety radio network was damaged when a propane tank exploded at the Sierra Peak site, county Fire Chief John Hawkins told the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

At the fire’s most dangerous point, 1,900 structures were threatened, fire officials said. About 600 homes were evacuated Monday night as the fire, which had been burning for a few hours, suddenly tripled in size in just over an hour. Classes were canceled Tuesday and Wednesday at seven schools near where the fire was burning.

All evacuations were lifted Wednesday and all roads were open, but only residents with ID were being allowed to return.

With the evacuation over, all schools will reopen, but district officials said they will continue to monitor the air quality in case activities need to be modified.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District said the fire was producing less smoke Wednesday than before, but air quality could still be unhealthy in Orange County, Corona and Norco.

Before the evacuation order was lifted, some residents of the Dominguez Ranch neighborhood were anxious to return home.

“There is no more fire,” a rushed Nick Chavez said about 8 a.m. “(The roads) should be open now.”

He and his 7-year-old his grandson, also named Nick Chavez, evacuated Monday and walked home Tuesday night because, while people with ID were being allowed in, roads were closed during the evacuation.

Both then had to trek back down Wednesday morning to their car parked at a shopping center outside the evacuation zone.

Nick Chavez walked his grandson, also Nick Chavez, 7, from their Dominguez Ranch neighborhood to take the boy to school Wednesday.

Others expressed thanks to firefighters.

“To all the firefighters and all the first responders, we just want to say thank you,” said San Ponte Road resident Carlos Teves, whose family put up a sign in their yard to show their gratitude.

“It could have been a lot worse,” Teves said. “We just wanted to let you know our thoughts and prayers are with you for helping us out and saving our community.”

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Prevent Accidental Fires with Fire Sprinklers | Corona, CA

Accidental fires always have the potential to devastate and even end lives. Though, the risk is even more imminent with high-rise buildings. This is because fire fighters often have a hard time dealing with fires in such places. This is mostly because of how hard it is for them to reach the higher floors of such buildings.

It’s no secret that flames can grow and spread rather quickly. Though, when it comes to fires, it’s not the flames that you have to worry most about. Rather, you have to worry more about the rising temperature and the toxic gases that can kill you if you inhale enough of it. While most cities are equipped with competent and able firefighters and fire departments, it’s not like they can teleport directly onto the scene of the fire. It typically takes fire fighters around 10 minutes to arrive at the scene. By then, the fire may have already spread too much, damaging most of the establishment and leaving families displaced, or in worse cases, lives lost.

With fire sprinklers, however, such disasters can be prevented. Even if the fire sprinklers aren’t able to fully extinguish the fire, it can contain the flames enough to allow residents enough time to escape safely without inhaling much of the toxic gases. To put simply, fire sprinklers can prevent fires from becoming such huge disasters, all at the fraction of the cost of what it usually would to repair any damage resulting from accidental fires.

For more information about fire safety, call CJ Suppression at 888-821-2334 or visit the website at www.cjsuppression.com.

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Local Fires Raise Cause for Concern | Corona, CA

The Press-Enterprise PUBLISHED: April 29, 2017 at 1:14 pm | UPDATED: April 29, 2017 at 5:12 pm

Two Lake Elsinore men were arrested late Friday, April 28, in connection with a series of fires that were set in the Corona area, police officials said.

A total of three fires popped up Friday evening: One on the east end of the Corona Municipal Airport and two more on the north and south ends of the 71 freeway, according to police and fire officials.

The fire at the airport was reported first at about 11:19 p.m., according to a Corona police news release. Witnesses told police and firefighters that they saw a vehicle possibly shooting fireworks into the vacant field.

The fire was about 7 acres when firefighters arrived, but grew to about 20 acres before it was contained, said Corona Fire Department spokesman John DeYoe. He said no structures were damaged and no firefighters were injured.

The Riverside Police Department helicopter, Air 1, reported seeing the vegetation fires in the area of the 71. The helicopter flew in closer and saw what looked like aerial flares being fired from a moving vehicle.

Corona police officers later spotted a matching vehicle in the area of East 6th Street and Rimpau Avenue in Corona and stopped it. A 20-year-old man and a 19-year-old man — who were not immediately identified — were found inside along with a flare gun and flares, according to the news release.

Both men were booked into jail with bail set at $10,000, according to officials.

Shortly after midnight Saturday, the fires along the 71 had both been put out, according to a California Highway Patrol incident log. Fires like these are  a trend during these warmer months. Protect yourself.

If you would like to learn more about fire protection, contact CJ Suppression Inc. at 888-821-2334 or visit www.cjsuppression.com for additional information.

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We Want to Design Your Fire Protection System | Corona, CA

ThinkstockPhotos-479155414Protecting your business from fire is imperative for everyone involved. Not only in order to protect your product, but any staff and/or neighbors should also feel safe there knowing you are covered in case of fire. But designing a fire protection system isn’t as simple as a quick kit you pick up at the local hardware store. It takes a lot of planning and expertise. It can turn overwhelming very easily if you don’t have the proper training. That’s where we come in…

The design of fire protection systems is a multi-step process beginning with an assessment of the environment to be protected. Factors, both internal and external to the environment, are considered. This information is used to establish performance objectives for the fire protection system being designed. Our experienced engineering department conducts detailed studies to determine the optimum approach to providing the correct system application, meeting the needs of our clients in the most cost-effective way possible.

We begin with a site survey of the facility then provide the client with appropriate alternatives based on an assessment of the fire protection and life safety needs.  We will often consult with the client’s insurance company and the local fire department for their input during the decision-making process, in order to ensure that everything is up to code and covered by insurance. Once a decision is made on the specific type of system required, we assign a primary engineer to the project who will then develop the appropriate engineering design.

Our CAD design services include:

  • Fire sprinkler design drawings with as much detail as required and then some.
  • All designs are based on the latest NFPA codes. All schematic CAD drawings include underground fire supply, riser details with location within structure, main and branch line locations, sprinkler head type and location.
  • Bid drawings can also include back-up specifications, water analysis, and hydraulic calculations.
  • Fire sprinkler fabrication / installation / coordination drawings include all compliments listed above including computer generated shop drawings, hydraulic calculations and material submittals.
  • Fire Pump and/or Ground Storage Tank installation drawings with all associated piping and equipment.
  • Special hazard suppression system fabrication / installation drawings.

So, if you are in need of better fire protection for your facility, consider installing a fire protection system. It is the best chance you have to keep your business successful and in one piece.

Fire protection is very serious, so be sure to take every step you can to protect yourself and your property. If you would like to learn more about fire prevention systems, contact CJ Suppression Inc. at 888-821-2334 or visit www.cjsuppression.com for additional information.

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The Importance of Having Your Fire Sprinklers Inspected


While not exactly a universally accepted standard building-code standard, it’s no secret that fire sprinklers are important and that they help save lives. However, having the systems set up and fitted in place is just a start. This is because there’s just so many things that could go wrong with fire sprinklers. You could have a leak in a pipe, or a sprinkler head could be damaged, or your local water supply may even become lower as time goes by. Although, fire sprinklers aren’t exactly all bad news. That is, so long as you take proper care of them, which is only possible through regular fire sprinkler system inspections.

These inspections are very important because during such inspections, the systems are checked for any sort of damaged and tested to see if it still works as it is intended to.

If you doubt the importance of fire sprinkler inspections, here are a few reasons to convince you why you should take them seriously.

  1. Water supply and pressure. So much of the efficiency of a fire sprinkler system relies on the available water supply. If, for example, the pressure is too low, then the system won’t be able to work as it is intended to. The result? Fires will spread much more quickly, and the fire sprinklers will be almost useless.
  1. Proper water flow.  Pressure is important, but the flow of the water supply available to the fire system is also just as critical. While this is checked during the initial design and installation phase, continued periodical checking is also important to make sure the fire sprinkler system is okay and working properly.
  1. Free from obstructions. The whole system is not only checked for proper pressure and water flow, but also for obstructions that may damage the system should it be turned on in a fire emergency. These obstructions are then cleaned out periodically to make sure that the fire sprinkler system works as intended.
  1. It may be required by law. In most states, including California, the National Fire Protection Agency or NFPA have set out quite a few regulations regarding fire sprinkler systems. Not only do they mandate the installation of such systems, especially in commercial buildings, but also require them to be checked periodically by a licensed inspector. Failure to comply can result into hefty fines and citations and quite possibly, further legal action.

Fire Sprinkler System Inspections Save Lives

You can never be too careful when it comes to saving lives, fire safety included. Who knows just how many lives you can save if your fire sprinkler system works in case of a fire.

Remember, you have a responsibility to yourself, your family, your neighbors, or your staff and customers, to make sure that you do everything you can to prevent a fire from unnecessarily spreading out should it happen.

With regular fire sprinkler system inspections, you’re doing your best to be as responsible as you can by making sure that the fire sprinkler system installed in your home or commercial establishment works as it is intended to when it is needed the most.

If you would like to have your fire sprinklers inspected, contact CJ Suppression Inc. at 888-821-2334 today, or visit www.cjsuppression.com for additional information regarding fire sprinklers.

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Why Fire Sprinklers Are Important

fire sprinklers corona caWhen talking about fire suppressants at home, what’s the first thing you think about? Water, yes. Though, in modern times, people have come to rely on fire extinguishers as they’re lighter, easier to carry and generally more efficient. Unless, of course, the fire has become too big to the point that water blasting through the hoses of firemen are the only remaining option.

Before the fire becomes too big, however, fire extinguishers aren’t exactly the most efficient way to kill fire. No, fire sprinklers are.

The Problem With Accidental Fires

The most dangerous thing about fire is not its heat, nor is it the flames. Rather, it’s the toxic fumes and smoke that the fire produces. The smoke makes it hard to see and difficult to breathe, while the toxic fumes deliver a knock-out that could literally kill you before the fire has any chance of getting close to you.

Given how fire spreads so quickly and how being caught in one already makes for an extremely stressful situation, thinking about killing the fire with a fire extinguisher isn’t exactly easy. There’s a huge chance that the first thing you’d want to do is get out of the house. Though, even if you do manage to get to the fire extinguisher, what happens if the flame is already too big, or that the smoke is already too thick for you to see where you’re going?

Here’s where fire sprinklers come in.

When installed properly and routinely checked to make sure that they’re working, fire sprinklers can, in worse case scenarios, give you and your family as much as 10 minutes of cool, clean air to safely escape from your home.

10 minutes is more than enough time for you and everyone inside to vacate the house.

Added Property Value and Protection 

In case of a house fire, the lack of sprinklers means that there’s nothing you can do to minimize the damage. With fire sprinkler systems, however, you have a means of controlling the flame. While fire sprinklers aren’t usually enough to kill huge fires, fire sprinklers are often able to contain the fire enough to keep the damage to your home at a minimum.

This, and the fact that residential fire sprinkler systems can be made so that the fire department is called immediately if the sprinklers are triggered means that the fire will be taken care of as soon as the firefighters arrive.

Of course, the added cost of having fire sprinklers installed and maintained isn’t exactly cheap. Though, you’d be glad to know that the installation of fire sprinklers does add value to your home. Your home should be valued much higher, and insurance premiums should be cheaper as most insurance companies are fully aware that it is cheaper to cover the damage of a burnt kitchen than it is to cover the expenses of a house burnt down to the ground.

There are also plenty of other advantages that any homeowner can enjoy if they choose to have a residential fire sprinkler system is installed.

Still, the fact that you, your family, as well as your investment, is well protected is the most important factor. The rest, such as cheaper insurance premiums, and so on, are just icing on the cake.

If you would like to learn more about fire sprinkler systems, contact CJ Suppression Inc. in Corona, CA at 888-821-3-2334 or visit www.cjsuppression.com for more information.

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How and Why Fire Sprinklers Save Lives | Fire Suppression Services

Fire Sprinkler
Fire Sprinkler

It seems like almost every day you hear of another deadly fire incident happening somewhere. It can be caused by faulty wiring, an unfortunate kitchen accident, an act of nature or simply the result of carelessness. And, regardless of what caused it, almost everyone can agree with the fact that house fires are on top of the list of any homeowner’s list of possible nightmare scenarios.

Yet, despite how dangerous house fires are, there’s one thing that could have made such accidents less disastrous and that’s if fire sprinkler systems were present and working.

The Difference Fire Sprinklers Make

In the United States alone, about 2,600 people die each year due to home fires. However, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the use of smoke alarms and fire sprinkler systems reduce the risk of death by as much as 82%.

Loss of life aside, it doesn’t take any kind of research and statistics to say that house fires cause immense damage to  properties. But, again, the presence of smoke alarms and sprinkler systems cut down the damage many times over, from an average of $45,000 for homes with no sprinkler systems to $2,166 in those with sprinkler systems, according to the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.

Why Fire Sprinklers Still Have Not Caught On

Despite the glaring and somewhat obvious evidence of how sprinkler systems can actually save lives, many homeowners still do not believe in having their houses fitted for such sprinkler systems.

For one, there are those that believe the sprinkler systems can actually cause much more damage than the fire itself. This belief may have started due to a number of reasons, mainly due to the fear of the sprinklers leaking or going off accidentally, causing water damage. While such fears are warranted, they’re not exactly true, as all sprinklers are tested during and after installation. Also, not all sprinkler heads go off in case of fires. Most of the time, just one sprinkler head is enough to contain fires.

Another likely reason why even the most safety-conscious homeowners shy away from sprinkler systems is because of the perceived aesthetic and financial issues. Both misconceptions are slowly becoming less of an issue as fire sprinkler systems have become more available, cheaper and less conspicuous.

Why You Should Have Fire Sprinklers Installed In Your Home

Besides the fact that sprinklers save lives, most insurance companies offer generous discounts for homes fitted with fire sprinkler systems. Also, sprinklers may allow homeowners to qualify for a tax rebate. The resale and appraisal value of the home also goes up because of the sprinkler systems, which is good for those who’re looking to prepare for selling their house someday, or those who simply want to qualify for bigger loans down the line.

Certain communities around the globe also have started to require new homes to be fitted with sprinkler systems, and it’s only a matter of time before sprinklers become mandated in most communities.

With fire sprinkler systems, you are not only potentially saving your life and those of your family, but also you end up saving more money in more ways than one. And, when both things are considered, there’s really no reason NOT to have a sprinkler system installed in your lovely home.

For more information about fire suppression services call CJ Suppression in Corona, CA at 888-821-2334 or visit www.cjsuppression.com.

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The Importance of Fire Sprinklers in Commercial Buildings

new construction

While it’s true that most commercial buildings, and in many cases even residential ones, have some form of fire protection systems installed, not all put a premium on just how important they are. In fact, many often only have such systems installed because of certain bylaws or as requirements for certifications. If owners were given the chance, most commercial buildings probably wouldn’t have any kind of fire protection system installed, except for maybe a fire extinguisher or two.

Such a mindset is wrong, and whether it’s a product of the lack of education or not is debatable. What’s alarming here is that many just simply do not realize how important having fire protection systems, namely fire sprinklers installed, especially in commercial buildings.

It’s More Than Just For Certification

According to the United States’ NFPA, residential fire sprinkler systems increase the resident’s survival expectancy during an accidental fire by as much as 80%. Such an increase in life expectancy should also be expected in commercial buildings.

The reason why fire sprinkler systems are so effective in saving lives is that they’re the fastest to respond and control a fire at its exact point of origin.

While it is easy to raise the point on how fire extinguishers are enough, one has to remember that in fires, it’s not the heat nor flames that are the most dangerous. Rather, the aspect that poses the most hazard to one’s health are the toxic fumes and smoke produced by a fire. And, given how smoke can easily spread and impede your vision, it’s already hard enough to walk around your house, let alone find a fire extinguisher to try and fight the fire back.

Even with fire sprinkler systems, toxic fumes and smoke will still be there, but their production will be significantly reduced to breathable levels, which could easily mean the difference between life and death.

It’s also important to remember that sudden fires can easily spread out to uncontrollable levels in just a few seconds. However, with fire sprinklers, that few seconds could extend to as much as 10 minutes, which is more than enough time for people to evacuate the vicinity and for the firefighters to arrive.

Smaller fires also mean less damage and less damage means less expenses incurred in your investment as the owner of the commercial building.

The NFPA also has no record so far of a fire killing more than two people in both a commercial or residential building where the fire sprinkler system was properly installed and working properly.

Kill Fire, Save Lives

While it is true that fire sprinkler systems are rarely able to kill large-scale fires on their own, as mentioned earlier, they do just enough to save lives, minimize damage and most important of all, prevent the fire from needlessly growing larger.

If you are one of those who tend to ask building and fire officials why your building really needs fire sprinklers, ask yourself first, why not?

The added cost, while certainly a huge factor for the resistance, is not as much as it’s made out to be. In fact, with proper insurance credits, fire sprinkler systems will usually be able to pay for itself in as short as 7 years, which isn’t that long in business years.

So, instead of resisting the requirement for sprinklers, embrace it.

Again, fire sprinklers may not be able to totally kill fires, but it does more than enough to contain it and save lives in the process.

For more information regarding fire sprinkler systems, contact CJ Suppression Inc. in Corona, CA at 888-821-2334 or visit www.cjsuppression.com.

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