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Fire Sprinklers Save Lives | New Construction | Serving Chino, CA



A fire broke out at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Goleta, CA. The blaze started in the laundry room and was held at bay by the buildings fire sprinkler system. Thanks to the fire sprinklers fire fighters were able to quickly put the fire out.

When you think of fire suppression, the first thought generally lies in fire extinguishers. But when an extinguisher isn’t enough to contain the blaze, fire sprinkler systems help do the job. The water supply system consists of a variety of pipes used to distribute water to various areas of a building quickly. Sprinklers are then put in place and are used to extinguish the fire as soon as it is detected, making them ideal for large scale buildings as they await assistance from the local fire department.

Fire sprinkler systems have proven time and again to help save buildings and homes from fire. Not only do they protect your business investments, but they can also save you and your loved ones at home. It’s true. Fire sprinkler systems were originally intended to protect factories and larger buildings from fire damage, but in recent years, smaller versions have been developed for the residential side of the industry. They have now been recommended as part of the fire installation in all buildings and homes and especially in all new construction.

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New Construction? CJ Suppression has it all!| Corona, CA

fire-sprinkler-installationIf you are working at a new construction site, it is essential that you are aware of all the necessary services and products needed to ensure the safety of the building. Thanks to the professionals at CJ Suppression, installation of new systems within new facilities can be done easily and effectively, no matter what size. CJ Suppression also provide interior installation and on site fire line and fire hydrants that meet city and state safety regulations.

For new offices and businesses, it is highly important to take the initiative and consult CJ Suppression about special hazard systems, installations, system designs, and other aspects that will enhance the longevity of your work place. Avoid waiting and risking any problems with your new construction site and call today!

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Fire Sprinklers Contain Hotel Dryer Fire | Serving Upland, CA

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EASTON — Deputy state fire marshals are investigating a fire that damaged the Holiday Inn Express at 8561 Ocean Gateway at about 5 p.m. Saturday evening, Jan. 18. The fire marshal’s office said the fire was an accident, the result of a natural gas leak that was ignited by a pilot light in a clothes dryer in the hotel’s first-floor laundry room.

The fire activated the hotel’s automatic fire sprinkler system, the fire marshal’s office said, and the sprinklers were highly effective in containing the fire to the immediate area around the dryer until the arrival of firefighters. Firefighters said smoke filled the entire first floor and part of the second floor.

Fifty firefighters from Easton, Cordova, St. Michaels, and Trappe were able to control the fire in less than 20 minutes, according to the fire marshal’s office.

One hotel employee was treated and released at Easton Memorial Hospital for minor smoke inhalation sustained while trying to approach the fire with an extinguisher, the fire marshal’s office said. Fifty-three guests were present at the time of the fire and were evacuated during the incident, but were able to return to their rooms shortly after the fire, the fire marshal’s office said.

Source: Stardem.com: http://www.stardem.com/article_0d765e48-6e6f-575a-9f1d-b389e3ec527c.html

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Fire Sprinkler System Notifies Fire Dept. of Fire | Serving Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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A vacant business in San Jose broke out in flames in January. The fire started under a counter inside the business. No one was inside when the fire started. Firefighters were made aware of the blaze by the buildings automatic water flow alarm attached to the fire sprinklers.

Firefighters credit the fire sprinklers in keeping the fire small until fire crews arrived. No one was injured and investigators still have not found the cause.

Fire sprinklers prove time and again how valuable they are in saving property and lives. If your home or business is in need of fire sprinklers or a fire suppression system call CJ Suppression at 888-821-2334. Visit the website and learn more CJ Suppressions Fire Protection Services at www.cjsuppression.com.

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Warehouse Saved by Fire Sprinklers | Corona, CA


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A fire broke out in a Vacaville packing company inside the company’s warehouse. The fire was reported and approximately 250-300 employees were evacuated.

Seven fire engines responded to the scene, including a ladder truck. The fire crews quickly set up a hose to start dousing the fire. The buildings fire sprinkler system was immediately activated containing the fire until fire crews arrived.

No injuries were reported, however employees were sent home because of the smoke still left inside the warehouse. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

No building is safe from a fire. Be sure any new construction or tenant improvements have fire sprinklers installed. And make sure to have all your fire extinguishers serviced.

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Strip Mall saved by Fire Sprinkler | Fire Sprinkler Installation | Corona, CA

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A sprinkler system saved a building from suffering extensive damage in Lakewood, WA strip mall.

West Pierce Fire & Rescue was dispatched to a fire at a strip mall. Crews arrived to smoke coming from the eaves of the building and a fire inside one of the suites.

Although there are five businesses in the building the fire was contained to the unit of the fire’s origin by the fire sprinkler system that is in place. If the building did not have a fire sprinkler system the damage and loss would have been significantly greater.

There were no injuries and the fire is currently under investigation.

Fire sprinklers save lives and property damage every day. Be sure you have fire sprinklers installed in your home or business. At CJ Suppression we install private fire sprinkler systems in homes as well as large commercial stores, restaurants and new construction. If you already have fires sprinklers installed call us to have them checked and maintenance to ensure they are working properly.

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