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Maintaining an In-Home Sprinkler System | Corona, CA

If you are one of the proactive families with an in-home fire sprinkler system, it is important that you know that regular maintenance checks are crucial to ensure that you and your family is safe. You may prefer to hire a professional to come in to do the work for you, there are some basic tips to maintaining your fire protection system in the coming months on your own:

Check on shutoff valves. The first step is to make a visual check on all the water shutoff valves to see if they’re all open and if the storage tank is full if they have one. Those living in very cold areas, or have pipes in the attic, should also check the insulation on their pipes.

Conduct flow tests periodically. Flow tests should be conducted every few months. To test, simply open the valve slowly and let the water run its course for more than a minute. Also, keep in mind that if your sprinkler system is connected to the fire alarm, this testing may cause it to trigger.

Check the sprinkler components. Make sure that the sprinkler heads and cover plates are not painted over and obstructions like stacks of boxes and shelves far away from the heads.

Use visual signs. Accidentally locking the sprinkler valves in the closed position by mistake is a common mistake, so placing signs near the sprinkler components can help remind everyone what the correct positions are.

Secure the control valves. Routinely check if all sprinkler control valves are locked in the open position. If your valves are connected to your fire alarm system, you can supervise them electronically or adding LO/TO signs to prevent unauthorized closures.

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Massive Fire Subdued by Fire Sprinkler System – Corona, CA

CJ Compression is aware of the fact that the environment around a fire can be the difference between a small fire and a colossal blaze. On January 6th in the city of Lufkin, Texas, a small fire broke out in a regional recycling center. Although all workers had left for the day, a worker from the nearby waste management office heard the sprinkler alarms go off and called the firefighters. When firefighters arrived, there were visible flames, however, the fire had been successfully contained by the sprinkler system. Had the sprinkler system not been in place, an empty recycling center plus a tremendous amount of flammable material, would have been the perfect environment for a large scale fire. This is one of the reasons why CJ Compression recommends setting up a fire sprinkler system, it can not only save your property, but also lives.


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