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Maintenance & Testing | Fire Protection Services

fire sprinklerFire suppression is a science – from the choice of materials, to the placement of the suppression system, it takes a significant amount of education and experience to properly design and implement a suppression system capable of meeting its designed purpose. However, design and implementation are just two of the three components of a successful fire suppression system – just as important is the third phase, maintenance.

Proper fire suppression maintenance is vital – the company that designed and implemented the suppression system likely set a maintenance schedule that included hardware inspection, routine replacement of some components, and testing. It’s important that all three of those schedules are followed – so important, in fact, that it’s often required by law or local fire codes, even if inconvenient. For example, in Colorado, the Colorado Department of Transportation will close a tunnel along I-70 two nights in November 2015 to test their fire suppression system – using heat detection to trigger a water system and activate cameras. Proper testing will confirm all three aspects of the system – not only will it determine if the heat detection is as accurate as intended, and that it functions properly once installed, but the test will confirm that the water suppression is accurately triggered, and that the monitoring cameras properly activate to allow personnel to assess the nature of the fire.

If you have a building, assets, and people to protect, having a proper suppression system is step 1 – it will not only protect that which is important to you, but will also allow you to comply with relevant codes. A competent designer and installer of your system will be able to create maintenance and testing plans – if your vendor does not offer a maintenance and testing plans, be sure to consider other vendors, as all reputable vendors will have a maintenance and testing plans available.

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Fire sprinklers Save Florida Apartments | Corona, CA

fire sprinkler inspection

A kitchen fire erupted in the kitchen of an apartment in a three story apartment complex in Melbourne, FL. The fire was reported late in the evening and the apartment complex was evacuated.

According to the Fire Rescue investigators, the fire sprinkler system contained the fire until fire crews arrived on the scene. Approximately 30 fire fighters responded to the apartment fire and doused the blaze quickly.

No further fire damage was caused and residents were allowed to return to their apartments.

A fire is a scary thing. Especially contained inside a large complex like an apartment building where there are many residents to evacuate from several floors. Don’t risk the lives of others and your property, install fire sprinklers in your apartment or business complex. Fire sprinklers buy you time to get people out of the building and help to suppress the fire keeping it contained to one location.

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Met’s administrative office saved by Fire Suppression System | Corona, CA

fire suppression

The Met’s administrative office damaged due to fire. The fire erupted in the morning on the fourth floor of the stadium’s office complex. The fire was contained by the office’s sprinkler system and later fully extinguished by firefighters.

The fire caused minor damage and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Fire sprinklers saved the beloved Met’s field and can do the same for your home or business. Contact CJ Suppression in Corona, CA to have a fire suppression system installed. Call for a free estimate 888-821-2334 or www.cjsuppression.com.

Fire Sprinklers Douse Kitchen Fire | Corona, CA

A kitchen fire erupted in a town home in Bryans Road Maryland while the occupant was cooking. Luckily the fire sprinklers in the kitchen extinguished the fire leaving mild damage to the cabinet and vent hood.

The occupant unfortunately received 1st and 2nd degree burns to both of her hands when trying to remove the flaming pot from the stove. When asked, the occupant said she felt lucky to have the fire sprinklers as protection for her own life and protected her townhome from further damage.

When interviewed the State Fire Marshal William E. Barnard stated, “This is yet another example of the effectiveness of automatic fire sprinklers in residential occupancies. Residential fire sprinklers save lives and property. The presence of fire sprinklers undoubtedly prevented a more tragic outcome.”

Fire sprinklers save lives and property. Kitchen fires are very common and can happen at any time. Be sure to have regular fire sprinkler inspections to ensure your fire sprinklers are working properly.

At CJ Suppression of Corona, CA we take care of all of your fire sprinkler needs, such as fire sprinkler repairs, fire sprinkler inspections and fire sprinkler installation. Call CJ Suppression today at 888-821-2334 or www.cjsuppression.com.

source: thebaynet.com

Homeowners Urged to install Fire Sprinklers | Corona, CA

Citizens of Edmond, OK are being encouraged by fire fighters to install fire sprinkler systems in their homes. “It is like having a fireman with you 24 hours a day,” said Mike Barnes, chief of fire prevention. According to the National Fire Protections Association, more than 80% of fire deaths occur in the home.

Fire sprinklers contain the fire and give the homeowner time to get out of the home. This demonstrates why fire sprinklers are said to save lives and give 24 hour fire protection. Home developers in the area are now giving buyers the option to install fire sprinklers .

Whether your need is services for new construction, tenant improvements or Retrofits, the services provided by CJ Suppression is unmatched when it comes to quality and workmanship.  CJ Suppression has successfully completed jobs of all sizes.  We have been working with Commercial, Industrial and Residential facilities for over 20 years and we strive for quality not quantity.

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Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Property | Corona, CA

According to the State Fire Marshal’s Office in Texas, not one person has been killed in a fire in Texas inside an apartment complex that had a fire sprinkler system in place. On the other hand 114 people have died in apartment complex fires without a sprinkler system.

It is recommended that anyone looking to move into an apartment complex should make sure it is equipped with a fire sprinkler system.

Fire sprinkler reduce fire damage because they instantly tend to the fire. It takes firefighters up to 10 minutes to respond. Fire sprinklers also use less water to contain a fire than the fire department, resulting in less water damage.

If your home, business, apartment building or other commercial buildings are not equipped with fire sprinklers, get them installed immediately. Contact CJ Suppression of Corona, CA for an estimate 888-821-2334. Visit their website at www.cjsuppression.com.


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